Anna Ferrara


This Illustration is a project for a client. My client ask me to do an Illustration to explain my 2020 for an advertising project.

To explain to you my 2020 I need to do a little introduction:

My 2019 was a really intense year, full of beautiful things and goals achieved but also with a really horrible period in the end. That period left me dead, empty and in need to sew myself back together.

My 2020 started with these feelings weighing me down, and I felt tired but ready, at the end of January, to move out of my native country and in a new place, out of my comfort zone (and out of the place I was in before, that had become graveyard-like to me), trying to start again with the few energies that I had left.

Entering 2020 was like entering a moving wagon, and starting to wait for the end of a long journey. A journey spent standing still, while moving nonetheless.

This 2020 was a difficult year for lot of people, but for me this year meant time: a lot of time to heal and to sew all the pieces back together.

Time to accept what had happened, and to try to move on.

Time to take care of myself and to understand how lucky I am because all the people I love are safe and healthy.

Time to learn how to better appreciate the little things around me that make me happy.

And also, time to challenge myself and to improve my professional skills.

I've started 2020 dead and I finished it reborn. 2020 was a year of opposites. Life, and Death. Waiting, while Moving.